Ideas for non cad users

Be nice to be able to cut letters in simple trace like we do shapes . What ya’ll think.


Print some off, trace them, save them.

As a new fusion 360 user, it’s easy enough to use a font in there and put it on the usb stick

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Devin i have never used 360 don’t know any thing about cad and my mind ain’t as sharp as it once was for learning almost 70 years old

Thanks Anthony
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Hey @Joatmon

yup Letters are in the plan…problem is they are mathematically quite complex and they chew up a ton of memory that we don’t really have in the ArcDroid

we’ll let you know if/when we get it sorted.


@Andrew Would a very simple single line font be easier to implement? Would be perfect for marking/gouging tip “engraving”

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Could always ask someone here to help you with a font and send it to you!

That would be so awesome Andrew! I’m saving for an arc droid right now, and I would love to see that in the future! Would it need to be an update on future machine’s memory space? Or the release of a different model with higher memory space?

Would it be possible to program Arcdroid to read USB drive for certain jobs that need specific programming instructions EG: Lettering & fonts.

The arcdroid is limited buy memory so USB may be able to supply extra by using a section for that instruction.

@ChrisRawlins Actually not that kind of memory… internal RAM. The stuff used for calculations not storage.
These things are all in the works…they just take time.

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Talking about ram is there any way to add an (exterior or internal) ram memory expansion in the future, that would be awesome