Water Table Question

What is a good distance from torch to water surface to efficiently catch slag and minimize smoke in my shop, while keeping the mess to a minimum?

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I was wondering the same thing. Task this week is setting up my unit. Cut table with water is on the to do list.

I have a water bed and just depends on how much water I have in the tray but I have found 3 or 4 inches works wonderfully. I haven’t filled my table all the way yet but it would be about 2" from the torch

Did you build your own table? Princess Auto has a table, but it doesn’t have a water tray…

Any water tray will catch a lot of debris, I only put an inch of water in mine so it’s probably 4-5 inches below the cut surface. Works well. To really reduce smoke the water has to be right up to your material. Not that lower water levels don’t reduce smoke some but to really minimize it, needs to be right up close to cutting surface. And I likely wouldn’t recommend it with the ArcDroid. It can’t take a whole lot of water splashing.

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@BenA yes I built a table that folds up for storage. It hold about 15 gallons of water when completely full

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I like the look of that. I was thinking to make it bolt to the wall at one end and fold down when not being used.

Have you got any YouTube or threads of anything you have done?

Or recommendations of any good links?

This a link to my Instagram
Ive made a couple flanges and other things from the droid. If you want more pictures of the table i can get you some.
Travis Tj Josh Ryan Dennis on Instagram: "Made some awesome custom flanges for @3months2improve1life for a turbo going onto a 196cc diesel engine that he is building. Mini bike coming soon #diesel #dieselpower #turbo #turbodiesel #turbocharged #power #turbodieselminibike #customparts #customminibike #arcdroidcnc #arcdroid #cnc #cncparts #cncplasma #cncplasmatable #minibike #minibikelifestyle #minidiesel #builtnotbought #carsandcameras #grindhardplumbingco #buildbreakrepeat #ratherbwelding #redbeardsgarage #hardwork #weld #welding" 39

Thanks Josh
I’m now following so get making stuff and post your progress.

Are you designing anything on fusion 360 yet or just straight on the arc?


I actually just made a post on here of a ring box I made I will make a post on Instagram. I made it on solidworks and transferred it to fusion 360 for the gcode.