Another sign - Project no.5 old saw blade

95% success on this one… Didn’t allow for the kerf in places Excess water splashing was intentional to keep the heat down. Worked well too.


Nice work. I like it

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What is the elevation distance from the bottom of material being cut to the surface of the water below?

A reasonable guess would be around 50-70mm or 2"-3" - the slats are 25mm / 1" - the 70 PSI from the torch is the main agitator

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Thank you for the reply. I am about to build my own Arc Droid cutting table have to determine what elevation to locate my water pan.

I don’t think it matters too much, anything up to say 5" below the slats would cause splashing just make the tray 3 to 5" tall and then mount it 1/4" under the slats and you will be good.

The splashing helps with the smoke a bit but also keeps the work cool - The “smoke” in my video is actually steam. I could pick up the saw blade straight away after it was cut as it was only warm not hot - zero warping from all that heat input

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