$250 shipping to florida

Just curious does $250 shipped to florida sound right ? Did any of you have to pay duties , what’s the cost etc . Shipping seems kinda high since it’s coming from china idk if I made a mistake while trying to check out

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Considering it’s probably a hefty machine and requires some decent packaging (I think it comes in a crate of some type) 250 in shipping in the States isn’t terrible.

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Shipping to the US is $215 flat rate for the whole lower 48.
We sometimes lose a few bucks on shipping but it averages out to around $215 so we just leave it set there for simplicity sake.

It’s a 20 Kg box (44lbs) so that’s actually a pretty good rate for flinging something that heavy across the planet.

So far our experience is most customers don’t get charged any extra import duties etc. However California residents may get charged tax.



Makes sense thank you

In central Florida here 352, I got mine almost a year ago, Shipping was $205, then several weeks later, import duty was $300-350…caught me off guard


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Oh so they charged you import duties then in florida ?

Yes, indeed $357.22 is what I had to pay

gotcha, anyone else pay import duties in the USA?

I didn’t. I believe that is the norm. Customs must spin a tax wheel of fortune……

I payed 222 to Indiana from California remember its almost a 50 lb box