Shipping and customs fees

Are there any extra customs or unforseen fees for shipping to the states other than the shipping calculated at checkout?

I thought this would be an easy question. I know these machines have been purchased in the USA.

@Cmsmoke I experienced no other costs other than what my credit card was charged at checkout. I’m from the USA.


Thank You Bob!!!

I incurred no other charges, customs or tariffs, getting mine to the US.


Good afternoon, I’m also in the uk and wondering what the final delivered cost would be. Really want to pull the trigger but I’m slightly worried I’m going to be landed with a ridiculous extra bill. Has anybody else over here got one that can help?
Thanks, Ryan

I’m in the same position, just waiting for someone from the uk to buy one and give me the bad news about import fees.

Does anyone have a rough idea on shipping time to Texas. (USA) I have a tracking number but it has not been updated in over a week.

So from what I can tell this is correct for importing into the uk.

Importing a product classified with HS Code 8479.50.0000 to GB from CAwith a value of 3342 CAD results in the following:

Duty & Tax Charges

Duty: 0 GBP (Rate of 0 %)

VAT: 462.73 GBP (Rate of 20 %)

Total: 462.73 GBP

### Your Total Landed Cost Calculation

Value of Goods: 3342 CAD

Duty: 0 GBP

VAT: 462.73 GBP

Shipping: 342 CAD

Insurance: 150 CAD

Total: 2776.4 GBP

This was calculated using an exchange rate: CAD:GBP 0.603461