Looking to buy an ArcDroid - Import & Duty Tax Amount?

I’m looking to buy an ArcDroid for my shop which is located in Haymarket, VA USA. It said something about import and duty taxes may have to be paid since this ships from Hong Kong. Does anyone have an idea of how much import/duty taxes are for one of these units?

It appears that most people do not incur any duty or import fees. I didn’t getting one to Maine. But, some people have had added fees. You will get a call from customs if anything is due and it will have to be paid before delivery is made.
It could be a different ball game if it is a business making the purchase and being delivered to a business address. I don’t know this as a fact……

I live in North Alabama and i had no import or duty taxes … just shipping & hsndling
1 was added to the $2499.00.
(Total was $2714.00)
Hope this helps.

ANTHONY the Joatmon

I am in Texas and mine arrived in 6 days, no import or duty. Machine was bought, delivered, and paid for itself within 14 days. Never had anything else do that.

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No import duty in florida , I think because it is under the amount where they charge duty and it’s not commercial grade . I paid $2500 with shipping straight to my house nothing else