Uk buyers and what cutter

Has anyone from the uk bought one of these, if so what cutter are you using and how painful was the import duty.

I have asked that same question but there doesn’t seem to be anyone that has bought in the UK.
I’m guessing import duty will be about £100 plus VAT on it all. Would like to know for certain as This tool is just what I need in my shop. I have an R-Tech cutter but it’s HF so will be looking at something like a thermal dynamics or similar.

I’d like it to be £100 but I’m thinking 20% of £2000 with the exchange rate plus vat and we’re probably looking nearer £500 important duties.
I’ve been looking at the cross arc plasma as it’s non HF.

Hy guys also been looking at one of these for the last year but not pulled trigger for exactly the reasons you’ve covered.

I’m running an R-tech 415v I-Cut100
But to replace that with equivalent non HF and get an arcdroid it’s going to give the wallet a swift kick in the plumbs.

Will have to see how business goes this year :thinking: man I could of used one for so many jobs this year.

Would it be worth doing a collective purchase to combine shipping, customs and purchase price if we could get a deal?

I would be up for that idea, but I would still like to have a hands on look at one before I buy but it seems there isn’t one in the uk, or the owners don’t use the forums! I did ask if they would be interested in letting me review one for the uk on my YouTube channel but it rather fell on deaf ears. I don’t think they appreciate how cautious the brits are about a purchase! :rofl::rofl:

The GYS Easy Cut 40 works well for me (but only 45amps) its a true non HF start and can be got for just under £700 here in the UK. Import duty is the Normal 20% as its under the robotics HS code (8479.50) as it ships from China.

I don’t know how I missed this? I have posted the same question.
Are you saying import duty is 20%
Then 20% VAT?

I have one in the UK, it was £187 import Duty, Waiting for my Plasma to arrive this Thursday. Went with the GYS Easy Cut 40.

One thing if you do buy, UPS will require you to pay import duty by cash at the door or card online. When they say its out for the first delivery, either make sure you have the cash otherwise they only stick a card through the door telling you to pay

Let us know how you get on with your set up mate

Moose, Still yet to set mine up as I have a massive leak in the garage roof. Did you use the torch that the GHY came with or something Else. any helpful tips on connecting the torch

yep used the torch that came with the the machine. I spliced in a 2 core cable into the plug (machine) end of the torch cable into the 2 wires that are connected to the trigger. I felt that this was a much cleaner way than running extra wires all the way down from the torch end… also the trigger still works if you want to go freehand :grinning:


Really helpful

Hope will be able to finish my set up over the next couple of week

Moose, can you confirm the wires you connected to the arc droid are the red and blue?

sorry not had chance to reply… yes you are correct.

I have imported one - Send me a private message and i will tell you all the costs - can’t really put them on here