3D printed switch covers

Hello All,
I once saw a post here about someone 3D printing covers for the little square switches that sit atop the ArcDroid. For the life of me, I can’t find it.
Is there a location for the 3D printed accessories for our Droid’s?
I’d like to print them for my machine. Can anyone direct me or share that print file?
Thanks All!!

Nevwr seen the covers you mention but inuse a clear microfiber cloth to cover both switches and the main control unit display & controls. Simple and works great.

Do you have a picture of how you done it

Using clean microfiber cloths have kept the switches and main controlnunit spotless

Another angle

Just remember to remove the microfiber cloth before homing the armature

thanks I’m going to ask Andrew why they are not covered

I bought some magnets that came nice little boxes, so I cut them down and with a little double sided
tape free covers.

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Sweet, I’m going to wait until Andrew gets back with me there may be an important reason there uncovered. I was thinking about square pipe caps. But if our 3 d guy can come up with something i I would rather pay him to help start his side job.


Simple answer
They don’t have to be!

they are low voltage (5V less than 10 mA) and are only active when homing. They are coated in a insulating films and In the 4000+ Arcdroids out there we have had exactly 3 switches fail.

That being said ArcDroid Pro will have internal switches so you all can stop worrying about it!


ArcDroid Pro ?? First I’ve heard of this! - Can you tell us more? What is it and when can we expect it?

ArcDroid Pro what???

if we weren’t nitpicker’s we wouldn’t be fabricators