Touch screen display holder

Came up with this display holder to vesa adapter. It’s just specd out I’ll have to print it and make sure it all fits.


Ok so the print was successful. I will prob have to run another one with brass inserts to be able to screw it to the mount. We now have what looks like the Tony Stark edition controller.


Let me know if you make these available for purchase.

David Lucero

Yeah I’ll let you after I get a chance to do another run with the brass insert. Also I’d like to make sure this is the right filament. Stay tuned!

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That looks really good! I might like to buy one also, if have any for sale?

Ok maybe I can do a small run. Let me finalize the material and see if I can come up with a price. I will keep you guys posted!

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Sounds good, thank you!!

i would also buy one of them off you, i could use 2 of them. let me know if you would print 2 more and what you need for them
thanks for you time, and your skill.
Bill York
if you could incorporate a flip cover on that it would be awesome, i have to keep mine covered do to the dust. one little peace of dust between the screen and the case will lock the whole screen up… found out the hard way. thanks

I’ll try to come up with something. I thought about that but I was nervous when flipping the cover if that back is dirty then touches the screen it may scratch it.

So here is the second version. It’s been refined. Let me know your thoughts.


I would be interested in a purchase as well.

The bolt hole patter will allow you to mount either vesa 4x75 or 4x100 monitor mounts.

another one interested in the holder

Heck I’ll take one!

I would like one too if you decide to make them.

I’ll take one if you decide to make them

Ok folks after some issues with the filament I was using I think I finally have it to where I’m happy with the product. I will get these out asap. Just didn’t want to send out subpar prints.

I think these turned out well!
Thank you for your patience.

Add me to the list of people interested in one

If interested please follow the link.

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