Covers for the end switchs

I just made some covers to go over the end switchs, if anyone’s got a 3d printer and wants to cover up those bare terminals hit me up and I’ll email the stl file. They fit pretty good, going to use a tiny piece of double sided tape since the front side needs to be open for the switch to work

Hey I would love the STL please thanks!

Please provide a picture.

just a simple little cap, I used double sided tape to fasten them. perfect fit. opps this was my first try, they didn’t print very good, the ender 6 one’s look sexy this is a creality cloud link, I’m not sure if it’ll give you the STL unless you happen to have an account, I know it’s not the most popular, I’ll email you the STL just incase. you’ll see one side is open, make sure that’s the switch side. I just used tiny piece of double sided tape, seems much better than bare terminals out in the open when molton metal and water is flying around.

Hi MakerPlumber,
Indeed, I would print a couple of those, thanks for sharing.
Thanks again!

That would be very much appreciated
Thank you so much