Where and how can i buy repair parts?

Well i did a boo boo and broke the little metal tab off the bottom of the micro switch on the calibration sled. i am pretty sure it was completely my fault. where / how can i purchase a replacement sled? (or two-lol)

Also while kind of on the subject of purchasing parts. is there a way to purchase another stylus or torch holder so i can experiment with holding other tools. . .like a sharpie perhaps or a cheap Chinese micro machine torch head without giving up my otherwise dedicated tool holders?

thank you in advance!



Sen Us an Email info@arcdroidcnc.com and we can set you up with replacement bits

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Thank you Andrew for sending me what i needed to get my calibration sled back up and running!

In the mean while i kind of hated to see the other bits go into the garbage and did a bit of tinkering to repair it. in case anyone else has a similar issue where the metal tab breaks off the micro switch “digi-key” shipped me 10 micro switches for under $20USD. singles were dirt cheap but minimal shipping costs made me opt for the 10pack. the job just involved a bit of de-soldering and re-soldering. the part I used: http://d.digikey.com/dc/mn-w0iJh4uEE_bUitNCuXmOASUNxIUHHNt2ANEnMXZ9yOJYhfP-SnSCxyjsQ41IyF0p_3Nap3wNwhDRh69Iw2hQVnafrDbU2wGcnbNCl4hJT0LYgS8wkhfkmOQQFF4rqMOA2bkLjbAVNP0nSOSW45Q==/MDI4LVNYSy01MDcAAAGMvNezfUqs63q6YtO5FYsCeyiYV9_I3bjN3gFooNqZ3_C3AeoyyMP6xsJowmrP-LzWB3RkjXQ=

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