Repeated calibration failures

I have had a long delay in attempting to get my machine setup since receiving it over a year ago, life got in the way unfortunately. I started to get back in the shop this summer and between other tasks tried to get the calibration setup. After a few attempts the original sled switch failed, as the tab broke off. They shipped a new one out, and after a firmware update, and one failed attempt I had a good calibration result! After that I built a cutting fixture to fire on, and since I moved the unit to and fro during the build, today after completing the cutting table I decided to recalibrate, and after about a dozen failed attempts, I sat down to query this on the forum. Any tips or pointers? I’m getting frustrated with not being able to get it on the first or second go. I sent an email to Andrew but thought there may be some advice here. Thanks in advance! Derek


Hey Derek
If you are still have trouble getting this sorted Give us a call 705-828-0470
I can walk you through some trouble shooting and figure out whats going on for you


A big THANK YOU to Andrew for taking the time to check over my previous calibration attempt files and suggesting checking the set screws on the drive moor pulleys. My machine is one of the first run from the Indiegogo campaign, and the factory was not securing them to spec. Mine were almost backed out. Re-secured them, recalibrated successfully. Just ran some sheet metal scrap at it and burned two scorpions and a Canadian flag. The feed rate was just about perfect for the 14 ( I think ) ga. material. It’s been along time coming, and now its time to test out some files for gifts I’ve been waiting to build! Pretty pleased with it !!