Cuts don’t come out good

I’ve had the droid for some time now. I love it but I can never get anything to come out square or round. Circles come out ovals and squares come out elliptical or in even sides. I even drawn thing up in a cad program without any luck. Another problem is when I do a repeat cut the two aren’t the same.
Can anyone give some advice. I have done several calibrations with the same results. My torch cable is supported to rule that out.
Thanks for any help.

If you’re already done a good calibration, check your belt tension. Pop out the rubber plugs on the front and rotate the arms until you see the adjustment screw. I’d tighten them a bit and see if it makes any difference. Tighten them until arm movement feels notchy and back off slightly. (Or maybe even tighten until notchy and do a short test cut. You can always back it off some after)

The very early machines had an issue with the pulleys on the stepper motors slipping. Since then stepper motors have flat spots on the shafts and a higher torque spec on the set screws but doesn’t mean one couldn’t have loosened up. If you tension the belts and it makes not difference, pull the covers and inspect the stepper motor pulleys.

Hope that helps.