Lost Calibration

After about 8 months my arcdroid stopped cutting parallel to the machine and I had to re calibrate. Andrew has said in a different post that the USB stick is not needed for calibration but I had originally calibrated with a USB. I recently cleaned up that USB stick and deleted the calibration files on it. Could this have caused the machine to loose its calibration? I want to have more then one USB with cut files so do I need to A: re calibrate without a USB or B: have a copy of calibration data on each USB?

I also adjusted the belt tension before calibration for the middle arm as it seemed a little loose.


Calibration data is stored on you machine so USB stick is not relevant to ongoing calibration keeping.
The primary reason for the USB inserted during calibration was to gather the Calibration data for review should there be an issues
With 1,000s of units in the field now and very little trouble with calibration we really don’t need anymore data so calibrating without the USB inserted is now the norm

Loss of calibration is more likely to be something mechanical such as whacking the arm up against something accidentally or as you say belts that have slacked off. Or removal/replacement of the torch. It’s not uncommon to have to re calibrate once in a while .
One of the longest running machines we have here still needs a recalibrate every 6 months or so.



Thanks for the clarification.

Hello @Andrew

I haven’t been on the forum for roughly a year!!
It has been a busy one! That said my trusty Droid is used almost everyday!

It traces perfectly, it cuts circles perfectly, bolt patterns etc….

However for some reason it will not cut a square or rectangle (that is not traced, but drawn on the display), the correct size. It cuts smaller. :man_shrugging:t2:. Any ideas??

I recalibrated it a couple of times but that didn’t change anything.

It reads 313mm between points on the calibration triangle.

Software updates maybe?

what kerf value have you set?

Are you familiar with the three cut positions for the plasma? Outside, Inside and along the line. These options affect cuz size upto 2 or 3mm from the desired cut.

Yes. This is way off though.

If you can see on the paper, there are measurements. These measurements were input to create an accurate rectangle. The paper is an exact size of said measurement.
The piece of metal is what it cut at said measurements.

I traced the template, and it cut it properly.
This works, but it is a better result if you can “draw” on the machine. Especially if you are trying to integrate other shapes and patterns to the piece.

I see you are using quite an old firmware and simple trace - been quite a few updates of both since.

Try installing new Firmware and S.Trace. Lots of functional improvements recently

Sounds good.

I’ll give that a try tomorrow!