Not cutting square even after several calibrations

calibrated multiple times and yet the arc droid will not sit a square it comes out a parallelogram and will confuse traverse lines for cut lines,

Had the same problem when i first got mine and it was calibration got to be careful and hold on to sled.also make sure triangle is located good in location slots and clamp it in Place . Mine was moving slightly when i was moving sled. I could not tell because was concentrating so much on moving the sled The way i found out that it was moving . My son was there and he said it is moving a little. I made sure triangle was located and leveled and clamped. I checked several times to make sure it did not move i did have to adjust clamps several times before i did the calibration. After i was 100% sure i calibrated and have not had no more problems .this process for me was kver several days. Hope this help.
Anthony in Alabama