About autolevel

Keep the table and machine parallel.

When the autolevel function is turned on, the nozzle drags the material.
Turning off the autolevel feature works fine.
The XY value is X-0.07 Y-0.85.

Is there anything I should be careful about when setting it up?

SUS304 2.0mm feed=2000mm/min cut Z=1.0mm We have confirmed the operation, but it seems that the Z-axis movement is slow and the material is dragged.

I tried increasing the MaxAcceleration value and the jerk value, but it didn’t improve.

Can you send us some video of what you are describing?

If you are cutting thin stainless that fast and that low (why so low btw?) then it is probably warping during the cut…Auto level will not compensate for this. It simple calculates the tilt of the material when flat and creates a level plane that it can follow. And based on the numbers you posted your plate started pretty level already.

In order to compensate for material warping you need the THC function. This requires a compatible plasma cutter with a 50:1 divided voltage output and an unlock code from us. but THC will move up and down to compensate for warped or warping material

Shoot us an email and we can set you up



Auto level worked well.

I changed the torch mounting position. I noticed that the torch height after probing was different due to arm deflection.