Any one tried downloading the new update with a mac?

Ive been trying to download the new update from my mac and i cant seem to unzip the files. any help would be great! ive used the archive utility to try to open up the files and downloaded apps to open the files but have been unsuccessful. should i just use a pc to get this going? or am i missing something?


I just tried to download Arcdroid -control=fw-2023. zip & got this when trying to unzip.

Correct. Just put the .bin file in the root folder of your freshly formatted SD card, and use it to update the firmware. Did mine two nights ago.

@Moltenmetal13 I’ve uploaded the unzipped files into a dropbox folder for you. Will keep it up for a few days before removing it. Dropbox Folder Link

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Much appreciated it man. Got it going now :call_me_hand:t3: thank you again