Software Updates

Anyone try out the 12/7/22 Simple Trace Software update? I don’t seem to have the prompt for the multisided polygon prompt that shows on Instagram. (see pic 1)

I confirmed that the update didn’t take by checking the version on the touchscreen. (pix 2 & 3)

Anyone have success? Thanks!

@bobplewajr I just did it and It worked just fine for me. I had to do it twice because I forgot to unzip the file the first time.

Good to know. Thanks. I’ll download again and try with a different USB drive to see if I can get it.

I got the software update to work. As expected it was user error on my behalf. When I extracted the zip file, I had the sub folders & files copied into another folder - not the ROOT DIRECTORY of the USB drive. As a result the Droid could not find the files, and the update couldn’t install. (I obviously forgot that this is how I did the first two update)

The new features are great! This thing keeps getting better & better.

I’d like to nominate Andrew for the Nobel Prize in the Field of Fabrications. :joy:

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Anyone having trouble installing the January (1/11/23) updates?
I unzipped the compressed file to the root directory of a FAT 32 formatted, 16MB micro SD card. (see pic 1 folder and 6 files)

Inserted into ArcDroid while it was powered off. Turned on the Droid. For a second, the message “Busy processing, please wait…” pops up, and then the “Home” screen pops up.

When I check to see the latest versions, I still have the last updates recorded.

@Andrew any insight you can share is appreciated. BTW this is the same micro SD card I used for the previous (August) update. After several attempts, I reformatted the card, and still no progress.

Looks like the update download links were mixed up. Fixed now, try re-downloading them.

Simple Trace update for the pendant should be and the firmware for the machine should be

Hey Guys

Links got mixed up when we did the website update
It’s been fixed

Latest Simple trace is Jan 11.


Thank you both for the quick responses. Installed both updates w/no issues.

:ok_hand: :+1: