Any Qcadders out there?

I have been working with QCAD to do some simple designs and for the most part getting along with it quite well. I seem to be having a hard time with arcs, chamfers and curves in that they are not connecting to the other lines so that when i do a cut path i have a bunch of gaps or overlaps in the cut paths. At first I thought it was just my fumbling around but seems to happen on every part I draw. Seems like there must be a button that makes the lines connect. Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

With QCAD, the easiest way to make sure the lines connect is to overlap the lines so they have a visible intersection. Then use the trim tool to remove the excess. Once you have your complex shape, you can then convert it to a Polyline using the Polyline from selection tool to make it a single path.

Thanks for the advice. I have tried that with mixed results but i think i have edited the drawing so much that nothing seemed to be working. I started over a couple times today but would still have a line somewhere that wouldn’t connect. Slotted bolt holes seem to be prone to not forming a solid line. Late today I started using circles for the ends of slotted bolt holes and splitting them. That did the trick but much slower than using the roundover function to round the ends of a rectangle. This seems to be a lot of effort for a simple drawing. Any idea if Fusion works any better in this respect? Thanks again for your input!