Any recommendations on CNC torch compatible with the titanium 65?

Hi all,

Looking to replace the handheld torch on my titanium 65 with a cnc type torch, any recommendations would be appreciated



I would also like to see everyone’s recommendations for a CNC machine torch.

Hello makers,
I have a Lotus 5500cnc and replaced the hand torch with a
Hynade Plasma Cutting Torch,PTM60 20FT Non-HF Pilot Arc Straight Pencil Torch Head body for CUT60DN CNC Plasma Cutter
from AMAZON.
It made a big difference in cutting getting the side ways weight off of the holder.
The euro plug should fit right in, at worst you may need to move a pin in the port.
As of 2/14/24 it is the cheapest available.
I feel a good place to get consumables for it is PowerEdge Cutter. They seem to be good quality,
good price and fast shipping. All good for starting out when you are beating up tips tuning your machine in.
Hope this useful.

I have an ipt 60 frome prime weld but it fits many other machines a little pricy but well worth it.also has the euro connection…Tell Doug Anthony from Ragsdale Creek sent you
God bless and have a blessed week
Anthony in Alabama

Hi all,

I replaced my handheld with a plasmadyne X45, I’ve been happy with it but now im waiting for more consumables to arrive, my question now is where is the best position to mount it?

I mounted it on the base and it seems to hang too low so i put it on the cup but it unscrews slightly.

Any thoughts?


thank you,
before i saw this i went with the X45 because it was compatible with the Titanium 65, I wish i could just run out and get the consumables though

Wouldn’t be too small for the 65? Idk I haven’t used mine yet. Still need to finish my table.

This is what I was looking at. Don’t know if it will fit right up?

Or this one. Still don’t know if it will fit as well:

BUMP… :grin:

Just looking to see if these on the last post will fit up and work. Also I didn’t know if I needed to use the 60 or the 125 because the Titanium 65 is 65A and the PTM-60 is to low of a output and I’ll burn it up?


Get on primeweld .com and send them a message and Gene will help you and pretty sure they will have a torch that will work. Thats where i bought my cnc torch.
God bless take care.

  Anthony @ Ragsdale Creek

Ok I’ll look into it. I only ask cuz I farm and have some pretty heavy equipment so I might have to max it the titanium 65 every once and awhile to cut some really thick stuff for some different types of projects. I just don’t want to buy something that isn’t made for the full amperage of the 65 and burn it up all the time or permanently :open_mouth:.

I’d like to try and stick with something that uses hypertherm consumables because the use the same consumables as the titanium 65 from harbor freight and it’s easy for me to obtain at any time. Thanks again