Greetings from Asheville, newbie questions

i just fired up my new arcdroid, I’m a complete novice with all things CNC so my apologies in advance, my plasama cutter is a titanium 65, I have a few questions.

  1. I’m playing with the trace and just trying to make circles etc. my problem is i can’t figure out how to make it complete the cut, it will do “almost” a full circle, triangle etc. and i have no clue what to adjust.
  2. I wired up my CNC port pins 3 & 4 on the Titanium and connected to the ARCdroid and all that works fine except the plasma on & off button doesn’t work even with the pen attached, my current work around is having an on/off switch before it goes into the AD
  3. is there any AD for idiots guide out there besides youtube?

thanks and Happy New year,

download the new firmware and simple trace program there was an issue with some firmware that makes the DRY RUN button not work - this might be your issue

As to the circle not completing - you either have to increase the pierce delay (how long it stays still after triggering before moving) or the end cut delay - similar but how long til off at the end of a cut

1 second is usually a good starting point so just put 1 in the box

Thank you Matt,

I will give all of that a try.



thank you Matt ,
the firmware & pierce delay did the trick


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