Arcdroid Tune settings problem

Anyone know what might be going on here? When I load a Sheetcam file I notice the Pierce Z and Cut Z parameters don’t seem to import properly into my Arcdroid. I have the Tune menu set for inches, same as I’m using in sheetcam, but the imported settings are incorrect. Not sure if this is a coincidence but the imported values seem to correspond to the mm equivalent of my settings (eg. my cut height is 0.059" and the tune cut height is 1.5", the 1.5 being the number of mm in 0.0561. Same thing with the Pierce Z.). Any thoughts on what is causing this? The attached pics show the Pierce and Cut settings in sheetcam and what gets imported into the Tune menu.

Hey Bob

We Found a glitch in the SC post processor.
Updated one has been added to the website. Should solve the issue for you.


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Thanks Andrew, for the lightning fast fix. I tried the update and it works!