Can you use dxf files with this?

can we use dxf files with this?

Did you even try to search for the answer?

Over 60 views and not one response. Why? Folks generally are very helpful here but when there’s so much information on the topic already posted, most, if not all, will simply go to the next topic.

Use the search function or watch some videos. If you still can’t figure it out, come back and I’ll answer for you but I don’t have time to spoon feed someone not willing to do some homework first.

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Everybody is not as smart as you seem to be I’ve had this a couple weeks all I’m asking for is help not a two paragraph letter telling me how dumb I might be and can’t figure stuff out on my own. Maybe I’ve misunderstood what this community forum is here to help.

@StevenM thats not a very nice way to treat someone with an innocent question

@Jdd Yes sir you can both load and save .dxf files with the ArcDroid

Yes sir. Understood.
My humblest apologies to @steve.lessard .

I had had a very trying day as we all do from time to time.
But no excuse for my inappropriate actions.

We cool families have got to stick together even on bad days

hey realy it does not bother me! I almost got one of these in January but ended up getting a 5 x 10’ Fab cut and a 105 SYNC plasma unit using Flashcut. don’t regret it at all.