Dxf file issue

Feedback Please
Bought a tattered American flag dxf file from etsy…Seller has been fantastic with multiple attempts trying to correct it. Here’s what I’m running into.
When I load this exact file on the Arcdroid it does not have a border around some of the bottom portion of the flag???
Very confused as to why??? I believe it could be the memory capability of the Arcdroid, just a guess??? However, I’ve cut out what I think is more intricate projects and it did just fine…???

tattered american flag.dxf (903.3 KB)

Would love some input please


It’s possible the flag is telling you not to do this, it’s disrespectful to those that have fought for our country per the VFW

Thank you to all that have served in our armed forces!

I’m going to ignore this as I am a decorated US Air Force veteran. It’s my way of celebrating those whom have fought and served our country…Period!!!


Fixed a few issued for you - try this one
tattered american flag fixed.dxf (425.6 KB)

Thank you kindly Matt. I’ll give it a go here in a few. Much Appreciated. I’ll keep you posted.


Here’s what I’m getting in the UI screen.

If you look at the bottom of the flag there no border like the top. Looks like it stops about 1/3 down on the right.

Also just noticed that when I enlarged the flag that border disappeared if I’m seeing this correctly.

Thank you for your service, I will just agree to disagree on the use of a flag as decoration. Have a great day.

My intention is to make these and give away as gifts to disabled vets. Enjoy your day

I try to avoid using DXF on the ArcDroid for this reason, among others.

I know it’s a learning curve but learning to use basic even CAD software, will benefit you. Often 2D is all you need and you can load a dxf file, fix it if need be, then generate your gcode and take it to the ArcDroid.

I can’t make any promises but if I get time this evening, I’ll see if I can make a cut file for you. Unless someone else gets to it first. Just let me know what dimensions you need it. (And cut parameters in inches? or mm?)

That would be Fantastic. I just started learning CAD for that reason, it’s a huge leap for me but slowly getting it. I hate depending on others to correct files for me. I would like it 23.5" wide X 16" height.
Thank you so much…g code would be fantastic plus I can scale it there.
Thanks Again. Anything you can do Id really appreciate it.


Alright, here’s the file and a few notes.
First thanks to Matt_UK for the fixed dxf, that came in handy and saved me some time.

Dimensions; it was limited by the length so it’s close to 23 inches long.
Origin is top left corner.
You probably already know this but, when you load it up, be sure to change the cut parameters so they are optimal to the material you are cutting. (Leave kerf width at 0) Use the smallest diameter nozzle you can. Because of the narrow details, I had to use some Fusion trickery to make it generate many of the cut paths.
Also, double check it with a dry run. And I usually do stuff in mm but I changed the document type to inches and generated the gcode in inches for this one. It should be correct (the code looks correct) but it wouldn’t be the first time I missed something.

Also, file is 3204 lines of code. It should be ok but if it’s not I’ll shrink it or split the file for you.
tattered american flag.gcode (76.7 KB)

Good luck!

FIRST…Matt_UK & Amp_ Mechanic I thank you both for your support. There’s no way I would have ever accomplished what you 2 geniuses have done. I cut out 2 flags this morning and they came out perfect. I even scaled it to 23.77 inches wide… they both look phenomenal. I also increased the feed speed to 140 inches/min and the fine detail was a jaw dropper. Slag was knocked off with my finger nail.

Glenn in Corpus