Compact Downdraft Water Table Prototype

  • Mobile and height adjustable
  • Tool-less disassembly for storage
  • Plasma table can be lowered in place and worktable top placed on frame
  • Uses ~2 gallons of water; water pan easily lifted and emptied
  • Airguides/sparkshields contain horizontal sparks from top of material being cut and directs them down into catch basin
  • Adjustable, switchable-magnet base for Arcdroid control panel

To Do

  • Final welding and painting
  • Duct spark arrestor and activated carbon filtration

Seems to work great so far…


Looks good. Thanks for posting the pics. The mag base for the Droid panel mount is a good idea.

Be careful with magnets around the ArcDroid. I had a magnetic ground clamp and it really messed with the electronics.

Any details on the fan?

Good question. It looks like it’s far enough away not to cause a problem. I would keep an eye out for electrical problems.

The blower is a Harbor Freight dust collector that I got on sale and modified. It has a steel impeller for spark rejection. Duct is 4" semi-rigid aluminum dryer duct and various fittings from Home Depot…

  • Glenn

Hi. Thanks for the heads-up. The Arcdroid is plugged into a surge suppressor and on a different circuit than the blower. Haven’t seen any problems with interference from this or the control panel magnetic base so far.

  • Glenn