Corner radius

Is there away to radius the corners on a right triangle that has been drawn with simple trace. I am using them for corner gussetts

They way I do it is make a square the Weith and height I need then put in my corner radiuses with a cut line with little tabs corner to corner a quick snap I have two pieces. If you can figure out a better way than let us know thanks

or if you are doing a design trace your design on one zero point then create your box around it with your corner radiuses and small cut lines and set your in side out cuts.

or just cut them and then grind the corners round sometimes its quicker to combine processes than try and get everything exact with just one.

Thanks I’ll give it a try.

And that is what I have been doing. I thought maybe I was missing something. U r right don’t over complicate thing. The droid has been spoiling me,haven’t been doing as much grinding as I used to

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