Slotted hole program?

other than Fusion 360 what program is there for slotted holes?

You can use the trace function. Click the four corners of the slot, then specify rounded corners sized to the slot width to give round ends.


Yup slotted holes are easy

Use the rectangle tool to create a long skinny rectangle. ( You may want to switch the origin to the center of the shape)

And then just change the corner radius (CR:) to ½ your width. Boom instant slot.



Is there a way to radius the corners of a triangle without using Fusion 360?

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I think with the new firmware release you can easily do this as triangles are now a shape listed. There should be a corner box to select radius of the corner. I haven’t downloaded it yet so this is speculation. You could use the stylus and use a washer as a pattern to make a radius.

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Thanks for the info. Washer idea is a good idea

Washers come in all sizes so a collection is pretty handy for tracing partial arcs. Another really useful tracing tool is a draftsmans French curve. This gives you a lot of curves to work with. They come in various sizes and shapes.