Is there a way to draw a partial circle or slot?

Loving the Droid!! I’ve figured out the simple trace, circles, squares, slots etc…. That’s huge for a guy like me who is allergic to computers! Is there a way to draw a partial circle or slot on the droid? Like doing radius corners on a triangle, axle tube brackets, etc?


A slot is a rectangle so you can tap the radius corners and set to half the slot width. That feature did not make it to the triangle and polygon shapes revision that I have found. I’ve been using a variety of washers for partial radius. I’ve found 1/8” thick templates best for physical tracing and guiding the stylus about. Drafting French curves are excellent to develop curves from.
I’ve also cut full circles that later get intersected by straight cuts leaving the partial circle where I want it.
Been gathering handy items to trace about as projects progress.
Just learning CAD so tracing has been my go to.


CAD learning it is!! Thanks Bob.

Hey Guys

" Tangent Radius" is on the list for updates in the future. This would allow the ability to create an arc connected to any of your trace lines. Think “rounded top triangle”

It’s pretty mathematically complex though so its kinda taking a while.

Will definitely let you know when we’ve got it working.



I want to thank @Andrew for his commitment to Arc Droid. I am one of the first campaign purchasers (#94) from the day the Indi campaign was released back in October 2021. Everything Andrew says he wants to do on the ArcDroid, he finds a way to do it. If there is a snag, he explains the problem in simple terms so we all understand. His customer service is outstanding as he has answered all mine and many of your questions/concerns/problems. I still can’t believe how the Droid has plans to get better and better. This machine has been one of the best investments I have made, and I give Andrew all the credit. :+1: :+1:


@bobplewajr you hit the nail on the head! I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve only had the Droid for a couple months, and feel/know that I have hardly scratched the surface of the possibilities with it.

That answers my question about drawing a smooth curved line.

YouTube video gives error message.

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