Help with simple trace construction lines

So my project in simplest terms is very similar to a wheel spacer for a S10- but it is not actually that. the project is a 6 inch outer circle, a 2 inch concentric inner circle and FIVE 1/2 inch bolt holes on a 4.75 concentric dia.

ok so i am working from the inside out to avoid the drops moving around. the 2 inch inner circle is ez pz but i am getting stuck on the bolt hole circles. . . . google does not appear to help. so is this part too complicated to do at the arc droid machine itself and need to be transferred over from a proper computer? do I need to convert the bolt holes to Cartesian coordinates?

thank you in advance



If you have a reasonable up to date version of Simple Trace on you ArcDroid you can use the "bolt Hole Circle Function in the shapes menu of the Trace screen

this will give you all the option you need to create the BHC including Diameter and # of holes


Thank you so much Andrew! I had thought I was up to date but apparently, I am not. I will address this in the AM tomorrow because today other activities demand my time.

thank you again!


This did indeed work much better. i think my error on the update had been the one crucial last step. . . hit the reset button because having on the thumb drive is not enough. i can make bolt hole patterns quite easily now.

What i continue to fight with today is getting round “enough” circles. so will make a post on RE-calibration question.