Marking a drill/bend point

How are people marking reference points on a piece for further processes? For instance, it would be nice to mark drill hole locations and bend lines. I’m currently using QCAD/CAM for designing the parts but the question is probably more general in nature.

I’ve used tiny circles but there must be a better way.

It looks like the new Hyperthem 45 XP has an etching/marking function but I don’t know if it is accessible via any design software and the ArcDroid.


how I do it for drill holes I center in simple Trase then cut a .10 hole. For bend lines I trace a line where I want my bend leaving a Few 1/4 spacers ------ ------- ------ then cut, bend, and weld. Also the arcdroid does not care if you blow through or etch it will follow the path you choose.

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