Corner Wizard Now Available

We finally got around to fixing the web store to include the Corner Wizard and the Center Wizard!

Available here Corner Wizard/ Center Wizard – ArcDroid CNC

Many of you may know that one of our Users @glenn Woodworth came up with the corner Wizard ages ago to help line your Arc Droid Up with the edge of your material. Well they are finally available for sale on our website…and as a bonus I’ve added out new Center wizard magnetic tool for lining your ArcDroid™ up with a center punch mark.

Quick video on the Corner wizard

Quick Video on the Center Wizard

The original Video by Glen with a more in depth explanation


Can we get worldwide shipping? Australia in particular

Coming soon… Gotta do some more gymnastics to the web site

Agreed, I tried to buy one earlier today (December 23, 2022) and kept running into shipping issues.

Hey guys.
Wow that went fast! We are out of stock already. More Coming soon.
Also international shipping!

Watch for an update early in the new year



For anyone that missed out on the first run of Corner Wizards, we do have about (12) PROTOTYPES of these units available on eBay. They are NOT anodized in RED, but they are identical in function. Andrew will have more stock at some point, but for now, these are an option.

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Please add me to the "next batch list "

I don’t have my Droid yet and look forward to all these tips and the learning curve.
I appreciate the invention that goes into these add ons but could a 3-D printable file be sold and eliminate the physical shipping?

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