Cutmaster 42 connection

I finally connected my cutmaster 42 to the AD. Using a sparkfun breadboard I basically created a y adapter. A 3.96mm header (A114290-ND) was attached with a little force and a 1/16th drill bit. The bread board holes needed opening just a touch.

I split the trigger signal by de-pinning pins 3&4 on the J14 connector.
I used a TE 4 position pin connector just like the original (1-1123722-4) and inserted the two pins I removed. This was attached to the header on the breadboard. I wired up jumpers from the traces back to J14 with the TE connector crimp pins and inserted them back in the original connector. The jumper now occupies the slots where the first two pins were removed.

Next on to the cpc connector. I made a template to verify fitment. It fit perfectly on the rear of the machine. I used an amp 14 pin (A1362-ND) and again used jumpers from the traces on the breadboard and wired them into slots 3 and 4 on the 14 pin, note this is the female side. A step bit made this all possible stepping up to around 1 and 3/8”.

Attaching the breadboard was done with just tapping the side of the machine with 1/8” drill bit. I made a quick run to the Home Depot to grab some hardware M3x12mm I’d prob go a bit longer if I did it again so I could use a washer and nylon spacers .140x 1/4.

Last but not least was the adapter from the torch to the AD. This is the male side of the cpc connector (A99538-ND). I grabbed the back shell clamp to eliminate any extra strain (A99540-ND).

I will try to add pics and all the part numbers used. Everything was sourced from digikey.