Surecut SC80 torch

Hi Peoples,
Here I am at one of the major milestones of figuring out which wires to use to connect my Razorcut 45 to “the droid” I have pulled the torch apart to assertane which wires control what and have determined that their is a brown wire at the base of the switch and a blue coming from the top. That is the trigger circuit, then their is a black and yellow wires going to the torch head which is the protection circuit. These all lead back to the Euro style connection plug at the machine, inside the machine all the bloody wires are black but I can tell their positions, the blue wire from the trigger bridges to the black wire for the protection circuit, so i think i can discount those, then the brown wire from the trigger and the yellow wire goe to the mother board in a 2 pin plug. I assume that i would t off each of those wires and connect to the droid. Your advice would be much appreciated. Their are also 2 black heavier wires that go from the torch and are joined and plug into the mother board also.

Just pull the trigger and test the continuity with a multimeter between the torch head wires and the wires coming out of the euro connector inside the Plasma Cutter…
Make sure Plasma Cutter is unplugged or it could be a shocking experience. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::fist_right::fist_left:
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Anthony in Alabama.

I could use an electrifying experience in my life right now,lol Thanks for that

I spoke to the tech at the company yesterday he confirmed the wires were the ones I traced. I was thinking about using an auxilary plugs and cable for speakers so I can mount a plug outlet on the machine.