Hi can any one help with connecting THERMACUT EXTRAFIRE 75SD PLASMA CUTTER to the arcdroid ? i have connected it via the cnc interface and found the 2 torch wires but it will not turn the torch on

Not familiar with your plasma machine. Are you using a hand torch or machine torch? More than likely you need a machine torch to utilize the CNC port.

It does appear to be a safety switch in the handheld torch. The handheld has a second pair of wires that the mechanized torch does not have.

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Definitely haven’t seen that one before but a quick look at the documentation and it seems the cnc port pins you are looking for are 3&4. you should just be able to touch the wires together and have the torch fire.


However like @BobD says you should check with the manufacturer, they may have a lockout that only enables the CNC port when you attach a machine torch (Hypertherm does this) this may require a jumper wire at the torch end to trick the system into thinking there is a machine torch


Thanks bob i am using a hand torch i will look into the machine torch thanks

Hi Andrew you are correct the port pins are 3 &4 and when you touch them together it does not fire up.
However I will check with my supplier and see if I can get a machine torch thanks for the help I will let you know how I get on

Well we’ve sorted the problem out with this machine, it needs a machine torch to operate not a hand torch.

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You should be able to work around this with the hand torch if you are comfortable opening up the torch head or the plasma case.

he has good capacities on thick iron? I also look at this brand because hypertherm consumables can be used with . what is the price for the machine torch?thanks