Hypertherm 65 sync hand torch connection

What is required to connect a 2023 hypertherm sync 65 with a hand torch to the arcdroid using the interface cable? I have used pin 3 and 4 as I believe these are correct, but the plasma machine will not fire an arc with the arcdroid. On the plasma machine (female end) there are 17 total cavities and 11 of those have pins. I read another post on this forum from Andrew about using a jumper between 2 pins but mine has more pins than the pic in the other post. Any idea what I am missing? TIA

You have to bypass the safety switch in the hand torch. The machine torch does not have that feature and the interface cable is intended for the machine torch.

Do you know how I can do that.I am not an electrician and have no electrical drawings.

Thanks Gary

I have a Hypertherm45. I bet our wiring is similar. Look at this thread for my posts on hookup. You’ll have to open up your cutter to see if it is the same idea. Powermax 45 hook up