CPC Port To Ardroid


I have an xp45 hypertherm I’m looking to connect to the Arcdroid.

I have the CPC port installed and a machine torch interface cable all OEM parts.

I’ll add a few photos of where I’m at, some key points to note.

I’d like to still be able to disconnect and use hand torch.

I’d like to use the THC function.

And I’m not sure what aux 1 and aux 2 do exactly.

I’ve watched the video and simply connecting the black and green to “torch” on Arcdroid it does not fire.

Thanks in advance for any input.

The CPC cable is only plug and play when you have the machine torch. If you have the handheld torch, you have to do the safety switch bypass mod (The machine torch does not have a safety switch). Look down through these posts and do you tube/internet searches for how to do it. I chose to do mine in the torch lead instead of soldering on the Hypertherm internal board.
I don’t have THC enabled on mine yet, but it will use 2 of the remaining CPC wires on one of those auxillaries. I can’t remember which one at the moment. You also need to send an e-mail to Arcdroid with your machine serial number to get a generated unlock code.

I run the Hypertherm 85.
I have the straight torch setup. Duramax 180° mini machine torch. Shown on page 3-7.
Reference page 3-18 to see pin locations associated to the numbers/color wires.
Start plasma. 3 & 4 look okay. just make sure that 4 black is the correct black. You have three available.
Voltage divider. 5 & 6 should go to aux 1. 5 (blk) to neg. and 6 (wht) to pos. See page 3-20 to check that you are on 50:1. This is the factory default.
Tie off the last two wires sepporately.

Incorrect DO NOT connect it that way you will blow up your ArcDroid

AUX 2 is for THC connectivity and should ONLY be connected after contacting us for full instructions and Unlock code.

Yes I followed Arcdroid instructions and confirmed wiring on Hypertherm side. Then checked voltage on Hypertherm side was less than 5 volts DC before I connected them.

Thanks for the help and the machine is working great, no more concern with levelling the table/workpiece or running the leveling process.


Andrew / User

My apology for the misunderstanding.

David Lucero