Powermax65 Sync CPC Connection - Arc Transfer connection

Hello. I am using Powermax65 Sync by Hypertherm. The CPC cable has 4 spade connectors. 2 are for the torch on and off that connect to the back of the ArcDroid. The other 2 spades are for “Arc Transfer”. Are these to also be connected to the Aux connections on the ArcDroid, or are they simply not needed? Excuse my ignorance, I am new to CNC plasma cutting.
I read a few other threads on here, and feel I should mention I am using a Machine torch.

They are not needed unless you want to try the torch height control.

IN fact @BobD they are not need at all even if you do use the THC function

ArcTransfer is a signal from the plasma to a CNC system saying “we’re lit you can go” we do not use that signal at all regardless of THC or not


I stand corrected! Should have had that right…….

What do you use instead, to notify the arc droid “we’re lit you can go”?

Just a Pierce Delay setting to give the arc time to stabilize before the ArcDroid starts moving.