Cutting on an angle + cutting thicker material

Hi, im looking at the arcdriod for use in my shop in west aus, space isnt really an issue for me but its more what im cutting, is there any limit as far as strapping the torch of my 60amp cigweld to it amd cutting 20mm plate. Also possibly a dumb question but can you mount the unit 90* to level and cut a hole in the likes of the side of a farm implement, im offern cutting hydraulic moter mounts into the side of bins. Sorry if its been asked before, i couldnt find anything on it

I have also wondered if it would be possible to mount the Droid on a vertical surface……
Might be able to pull it off writing your own G code to keep the servos energized before and after the cut. Trace always has the servos off unless the arm is in programed use. That would result in the arm dropping to full extension. If the torch cable is properly supported you might be able to pull a vertical mounting off…

The Arcdroid doesn’t care how thick the material is, that is a function of your plasma torch’s capability.

Vertical attachment is bound to introduce some drift due to the way the mechanical parts of it are oriented and designed

Whilst 60amp will cut free hand, rolling the torch into the cut, or starting from the edge. You may have an issue in whether it can pierce cut that thickens from dead plumb as it is the torch holder.
The pierce cut figure for your machine is what you need to find.