Cutting settings needing to be changed!

Have a Cutmaster 52. After turning for .250" steel, about a day later it is all over the place ? Anybody have this happen ?

Try a fresh set of consumables?

I did that Bob and I cleaned everything with Alcohol just in case.
Will try the new settings Sunday and see if thing stay the same ?

Was it raining? I try to avoid welding when its wet outside because it effects the weld you may be having the same type of problem, I had the other day with the plasma cutter not wanting to penetrant 1/4 in spring steel, also with the heat the air in you air hose past the filter may have condensed into water vapor. I forget alot to blow that air out of the line it only takes a bit to burn out new consumables.

Check your earth. I always forget to put it back on and it works but gives bad results.