Edit cut side on imported dxf file

Does someone have or could someone make a youtube on how to edit the cut side, left, center, or right on a completed imported dxf file. I have seen how to do it while making an easy trace. But for art work and sign lettering imported from purchased Etsy files, I would like to cut the outside, on the outside, and the inside on the inside. That way any pierces are on the scrap. Right now the best I can do is set cut on center line when loading the file. Then sometimes thin detail is lost. Thanks


When you Import a .DXF there is a setting for a Global L/C R/C C/C that is applied to all of the lines (don’t forget to add some Lead length)
After that you can go into Trace and edit individual curves by zooming in and selectin the cure you want to change (It’ll turn Red) and then select the “Edit” button. You can then flip the L/R cut and change lead for that curve only


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When importing a DXF and choosing the L cut and In-Out (or any other combination) My exterior profile is broken into multiple parts and the cut side varies. The interiors are all on the wrong side as well. This seems to happen on all DXFs. Am I supposed to verify each file or is something not converting right?

I have Created each part with and tried DXF exports from AutoCAD, Solidworks, Flashcut without any positive change. It doesn’t matter if it is a simple shape or a complex ‘art’ file.

That is working exactly as expected

DXF files are not great data and depending on how they are created initially they carry a direction component to each shape. This is is why your outside profile is broken up. One half is clockwise and the other half is counter clockwise. As afar as the dxf information is concerned it’s two different lines. You can cheat this a little by adding a tiny radius in your drawing program to the corners where the break is happing. It also looks like you have 2 lines on top of each other so make sure there is not redundant geometry

the “global” L/C R/C is exactly that it applies the offset to all the lines the same. and depending on CW vs CC data from the dxf they will point one way or the other. You can go into the trace screen and edit each individually if you need to flip them.

You should also make sure you are running the most up to date version of Simple Trace. we are always working to improve the .DXF import


Does AD really need to know the direction of lines? Would it be a good idea to ignore line direction and treat everything as going in one direction ? Would eliminate this “one part seen as two parts” issue. I have had it happen a few times too, especially DXF from QCAD.