Editing a saved simple trace

I’ve created and saved a file with simple trace. To keep it simple lets say its a rectangle that does not close because one of the lines is not square. Is there a way to correct this by removing the faulty line and replacing it. Or if I overshoot the line can I remove the unneeded portion. I know I can get a rectangle by selecting the shape. Just using this as an example that could apply to any drawing. Thanks.


Simply select the line you want (it’ll turn dark red) and then hit the edit button…you can then use undo button to delete section in reverse order drawn and then use stylus and button to redraw the deleted bits


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I have touble with edit. when I click on a trace it turns white or nothing hppens. when I get it to turn red and push edit button nothing happens. what am I doing wrong. Thank you

try calibrating your touch screen or use a pen with the ink retracted to touch the screen.