Heights / speeds etc with Fusion 260 set up

Guys - a newbie to this machine and process, but loving it!

Just wondering does anyone have a 101 idiots guide to setting up a project in Fusion 360 WRT to travel speed and the various height inputs that are required? BTW I have the UniMIG Razor 45. - I think sold as a Jaisic ? 45 elsewhere in the world.

There is a real opening for a Dummy’s Guide to Fusion 360 as it relates to the Arcdroid. And yes I have watched all the You Tube videos just at my age the retention of memory is not good so easier to have in text!

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Hi Ian,
Sorry i’ve only just seen your post here.
What are you trying to set up? Getting it set up wasn’t as straight forward as I expected it to be, but that may have been me as much as the program.
In terms of cut speeds pierce heights etc, I’ve found a few good resources online to use as a ballpark. I usually find what hypertherm suggest, and have slowed it down a touch for the unimig.
Happy to try and assist with Fusion 360 though if you need.

Hi Jonno, as a newbie it would be good to get some “sighter” targets WRT amps, cut speed and material thickness. I understand that this varies with all machines but if you had a guide that was close it would save a lot of wasted steel. Happy to see what you have found?

Hey Ian,

I found this video helpful but I had to watch it several times.
Using Fusion 360 to Create Tool Paths for CNC Plasma Cutter - YouTube

As for settings try googling your machine. I have a Hypertherm and found a cut chart on their website and then slowed it down slightly for better quality with the arc droid depending on how complex the shape is.

Hi Ian,
sorry I meant to come back to you on this one.
I have been trying to find the notes that I have taken, and what set ups i’ve used.
My pierce and cut heights have all been the same.
3.8mm pierce height, 1.5mm cut height.
That’s on 3mm up to 10mm on the 45.
In terms of cut speeds i need to find my notes again.
What thicknesses are you likely to cut?
Similar to what Rcutting has said, I went looking for the hypertherm cut charts, and just slowed it down marginally.