Holiday Weekend files

In honor of our Holiday weekend sale I figured I would upload some Flag files.

Kanadia.gcode (92.0 KB)
Kanadia.dxf (89.7 KB)

Murica.gcode (103.9 KB)
Murica.dxf (138.2 KB)


Thanks for the patriotic freebies! :+1:

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Thanks for the files @Andrew . I ran off the American flag. Used it to learn both resizing and the Auto level features. Reduced project 50% in size. Came out good. One stripe attach is thin due to size reduction.
Auto level worked slick!!


What are the dimensions of the American flag?

@jsjlegoman The posted G code is for a US flag that is the size of the Droids work area by the looks of it. Using the sizing feature my 50% flag is 12”x7.5”.

Ok sweet thank you. I planning to cut one this weekend.