Hooking up to 14 pin on the Titanium 65

Dumb question… how do I hook up my Droid to the 14 pin on a titanium 65? The plug has 6 live plugs in the socket.

Bump!!! I’m just trying to figure our where I can get the 14 pin CPC Port Plug that plugs into the Titanium 65 or a part number I could look up online. Harbor Freight was a waste of a phone call along with the 3rd person they referred me to that handles their repairs.

I don’t have it in hand yet but I’m 86.337% sure this is it. https://a.co/d/62K94hk

Well… That one was not it. Do not order! I’m back to square one.


Pretty sure they Use an Amp 14 pin CPC connector similar to Hypertherm
Parts available at Digikey.com
You’ll need all three

Excellent! Thanks so much for the links and info Andrew!