Arcdroid w/Everlast 52i

Hello all!

Just purchased my arcdroid and picked up the Everlast 52i. Is there any extra parts I would have to purchase to run this on the CNC port with the Everlast system?


Hi JD,

My 52i came with the blue & black multi-pin connector for the CNC port on the back of the machine. You need to disassemble this (the body unscrews from the head exposing the pins on the back of the connector) and solder 1 wire to the #1 pin and one wire to the #2 pin (see page 25 of the 52i manual). I used a long piece of ethernet network patch cable, reserving the unused conductors for the future THC connection. The free ends of the #1 & #2 conductors go the “Torch” screw connectors on the back of the ArcDroid. This worked great for me.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much for the reply. I was worried that the multi pin connector would not come with the 52i. Great! Can’t wait to get started when it arrives.

When you get around to using THC, for Everlast machines I highly recommend using pins 5 and 7 and bypassing the 100K resistors on the internal board. The 5 and 7 “raw voltage” does work but can have some weird effects when using an external voltage divider. 100:1 recommended or you can use 50:1 but flip the internal switch on the ArcDroid. If your divided voltage isn’t around 1.5’ish V or lower (maybe up to 2V on some machines), it may not work that well.

How do you bypass the resistors on the board?

Also what’s the best way to solder wires to those pins? I assume everyone is just sticking the wires to the outsides of the pins as the pins are too small to stick the wires into. Thinking of using jumper wires to connect to the pins, then I can better solder the torch wires to the jumpers.

What’s the best gauge of wiring for the jumpers?

You can just solder a jumper over the resistors. On mine I think it was R1 and R2 for pins 5 and 7.

For the CNC port connector, the pins are hollow and I think have a cut out on one side. Put a bit of solder on the pin, tin your wire, should be a quick and easy. Smaller gauge wire is fine, I used 22awg for THC. 20 awg would work, same for trigger also.

My cnc connector (82i) didn’t have a slit on the pins but they are hollow. I got them stuck on there and it’s working, but it’s not the prettiest of solder joints and currently I have THC wires connected directly to the lugs at the front of the machine. I’d rather everything go through the cnc port vs wires coming out the grills and out the back.

So I got two more connectors coming and I will give it another go. I might cut off the unused pins to give more working room and to alleviate the chance they might cross connect with an unwanted pinout