How to make multiple parts at once?

Hi all, New to the forum have had a quick search and was unable to find what I’m after.

I’m using Fusion 360 with the arcdroid and am wanting to know if theres a way on the arc droid that i can make multiple identical parts or do i have to do that on Fusion then send a file over with all the bits? I’ve been using Fusion and the Arc Droid for a total of about 5 hours so far so I’m a real novice. So far ive figured out how to design parts then send them over individually.

Thanks for any help!

No you can do it on the arcdroid there is a new Simple Trace Update at or just click downloads in this forum. And update simple trace. It will allow you to load your file as pattern and allow you to duplicate it.

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Great! Thank you very much

When you unzip file it will be in a folder “en” open it and select all and put it on your usb . Then simple put usb in and turn on arcdroid

Firstly a big thank you to Andrew , the machine and the lessons on YouTube , brilliant !

Andrew could you please do a short lesson on YouTube how to duplicate parts .

If you have the latest update installed you simply choose the “load as pattern” button on the top right of the load screen
I’ll then pop up a dialog that allows you to choose the number of parts you want in X and Y directions and their spacing