Hypertherm machine torch 180 vs 180 mini

I am shopping for a Powermax 45 xp. Does anyone have any experience with these two torch options and thoughts on if the mini offers any advantage in the arcdroid context? This will be dedicated to the arcdroid.

Product page for torches:

Any thoughts are much appreciated.

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I am using the full size machine torch with no issues

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Thank you for your reply, if there are no issues I will probably go with the regular torch.

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Just received hyperthermia mini machine torch today w/ 15’ lead. Making a better mount that clamps on torch body instead of cap area so don’t have to unmount to change electrode/ nozzle. Much more eloquent setup as the cable doesn’t have to get wipped all around during cutting. And keeps the hand torch free for grab and go work. Also added the CPC board that provides light up contacts and “industry best” 50:1 torch voltage out for THC if you think you need that.

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Thanks for your reply. Just to clarify, you’re saying the mini is much better setup than mounting the hand torch? Is the mount that clamps on the torch area part of the included harness with the mini machine torch or something you adapted previously?


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Nothing included with mini 180 for mounting. Just going to machine a new
mount that captures the torch mounting area instead of the nozzle so torch
does not need to be dis-mounted to change consumables. And yes, nicer to
have cable go straight up and not be sweeping over the work area. Both
torches work great however. Tried to send pic but it kicked back.

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picture went this time.

Oh great, thank you that’s great to see how that torch would go on. Thanks!

One can save some money - there is a P/N for the Hypertherm 45 xp with only the mini 180 torch and the CPC (circular plastic connector is what that stands for strangely) installed from the factory to interface w/ the Arcdroid. I know its a jump for some $$ wise but you also get that hypertherm cut quality on thicker materials and looong electrode/ nozzle life. Same with the 15 deg. torch if you still want to do some hand cutting.
Get the Droid’ going first if you already have a plasma setup - it will be way cool with any torch!

I will look into that! I’m starting fresh after using a friend’s cutter so I can use the money I’ve set aside to really dial things in.

I have the 85A mini and it works fine.
Potential Ground Issue!
Its one issue that you might run into. There is a small safety switch that is slightly exposed between the white sleeve and black consumable cover. Grounding will result its aligned with the corner of the ArcDroid clamp.

I will keep that in mind, thank you for the tip!

1-3/8 I.D. shaft collar and a little 3/16’’ (or a few mm for you Canadians) steel flat bar w/ slot for mounting collar - weld from back side
The second holder will have a 1-3/8’’ plastic rod bored out to Sharpie Fine Point O.D to drop through with same centerline as torch.


This might help someone out, I purchased billet aluminum clamps from Speedway Motors. It is the 1.375" clamp that bolts directly to the ArcDroid mount and holds the mini machine torch perfectly. They are $15.99 a piece and you only need one.


Oh great, that is so exceptionally helpful! I think it should prove helpful to have on the forum.

That said after a hard think about how often I would really be able to utilize three phase power and the full cutting power of the 45 xp I decided to get the 30 xp instead, which does not support the machine torches.

I think this fits the niche of the arcdroid better for my uses and matches the max thickness my welder is rated for as well.

I will be getting an additional more capable cutter with machine torch support when I get a more permanent shop setup so I will be back to reference those images so thank you.

….I believe the 45XP is single phase

@shopplasma Can confirm we have a Single phase 45Xp in the shop now

Looking through the product page while it does have entries for 3 phase power under the duty cycle section it doesn’t list differences in cut capacity which I recalled seeing. They must be different models, rather than some sort of switchable input that I was assuming.

In any case the 30 solves my need to buy another compressor.