Is there a way to search in the forum?!?!/

OK, it’s 3am, and I need sleep… but I don’t see a way to search for a topic in here? I don’t want to waste time asking a question that has already been asked before. [I want to know if there are any tips on how to use the arcdriod as a cut-off tool. It requires starting the cut off the end/side of the work piece. but if you do that the torch can’t find the surface of the work!

Top right, click on magnifying glass :mag:

Not sure if it’s just my screen setup but I’ve noticed the forum webpage loads a bit odd sometimes and I have to scroll right to see the search icon. Maybe just a me thing but figured I’d throw it out there.


You may be using the desktop site on you mobile device…this would cut off the search button.
Check your browser settings

Three things you can do to start a cut on the edge of things

1: Overlap 1/3 or the tip width… this sill puts your plasma start up outside the material but should catch enough of the tip to do a probe.

2: Add an adjustable end stop. You’ll notice there is a threaded hole in the bottom of the Z carriage. You can insert a M8 bolt from the bottom and adjust it until the ArcDroid probes off the hard stop rather than the material

3: set Clear Peirce and Cut Z to 0.0 then dial the tip down to the height you want and it will just operate at that height all the time

Hope this helps


Thanks for that tidbit of salient information. I don’t think I’d ever have found that.

Note to webmaster: could this be moved as it appears to be the only thing on the page that’s sitting that far to the right. TIA

My font size was to large and i had to scroll right too reduced font size fixed my problem. God bless hope this helps.