Jeep grill turn signals

A friend asked me if the AD could cut these holes.


what is the white thing attached to your arcdroid arm next to the torch?

It is a piece of thin aluminum angle to help hold my torch lead.

How did you get the droid to start the cut where you wanted it to get the holes aligned? Seems like with the movement of the arm and the inability to specify the start point in the drawing it would be hard to get it right without many no power runs. But, even with that there is no way to see the exact path on the material to get it right.

I center punched the center of where I wanted the circle then used the center finder attachment from the AD website and used it to center the torch then hit the zero button. The origin of the circle was in the center. I did this on each side. The start point is managed by the AD according to where the origin is and where you specify zero, which were the same. I just made sure my lead in was on the correct side and did one trial on each before I cut.
I did make a few practice cuts in another piece of sheet metal to get the size just right.

Oh yeah I forgot about the center finder add-on. I should probably get one of those.