Project is off the cut bed

I loaded a file into the Arcdroid, but it is not on the cut bed. can it be moved on the Arcdroid? or does it have to be moved via software?

The file zero ref. is probably no where near the part. Might be best to fix it there. If you can see the part on the droid screen (maybe drop the size down) you should be able to use the zero function to move the part into the working zone.

Thanks, I am totaly new to this. just got the Arcdroid. could you explain the Zero function?

Can’t help with the CAD end of it……
As to the Droid. Try something simple. You’ve homed the machine. Go to trace. Move the arm by hand to the center of your work area. Tap zero. Select circle click the stylus or push controller knob. The center of the circle is at the zero position. Enter in 2” for a diameter Save your trace, exit and load your circle trace. You haven’t moved anything and your circle is smack in the middle of the workpiece where you created it. You want to cut it out by the corner. Move the arm over to the corner and tap zero. Now your circle is over in the corner of the workpiece.
Always make sure to set zero when you begin a trace.
With CAD you want to have the zero near or on the part. Not out to the corner of the working area where you can’t find it within the Droids working area.

thanks, i will try that. but will also go back to the software.

I think you are asking about the ORIGIN point - you can change this on the machine. Load the file press the trace button then select origin.

See this vid - the origin part is what you want to look at


Thanks, that was so easy. learned something today, much more to learn. like order of what lines to cut first.